New Consitution

Members will be aware that the OGTC committee produced an amended version of the club’s Constitution during 2021 for approval prior to organising an EGM. 

Following feedback and a further detailed review, a committee sub group has recommended that a new Constitution would be more appropriate than a update of the current one. As a result, the sub group has produced a new draft Constitution which has been approved by the full committee and which we are now sharing with members. 

The reasons for this new Constitution are as follows : 

1. It is written in clearer and simpler language than the current Constitution.

2. It brings the Constitution in line with the 2006 Companies Act.

3. It has a clearer definition of who is eligible to vote than the current Constitution

4. It has clear procedures and reasons for refusing or removing membership.

5. It limits the Committee’s  powers of spending without the consent of the Members.

6. It limits the Committee’s  powers of taking out loans without the consent of the Members.

7. It limits Committee powers to offer Life Membership

An Extraordinary General Meeting to adopt this new Constitution will be held on Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm in the clubhouse. A formal notification of the EGM  together with the resolution to adopt the new Constitution will follow within the required notice period. 

For information, the resolution will require a 75% vote in favour to be passed.

A link to the proposed new Constitution is here :

For comparison, the current Constitution can be found here:

Both are also available to view at :

Copies of the proposed new Constitution/current Constitution will  also be on display on the club’s noticeboard. 

If you have any questions/comments regarding this proposed new Constitution please email them/send them to us by Friday 1st April 2022. Proxy voting forms will be sent out after that date for any members unable to attend the EGM. Please note that all senior members are entitled to one vote.

Best wishes

Sue Lester 


On behalf of OGTC Committee 

Oadby (Granville) Tennis & Social Club  

Pre Season Tournament

For playing schedules and draws please click here

Oadby Tennis Club Pre-Season Tournament Returns

After 2 years, the pre-season tournament is set to return in 2022. 

This is a great way to play some competitive tennis before the match season, or just to play some tennis against people you may not normally play with / against.

Please see below for details / rules.

Dates: Saturday 2nd April – Saturday 9th April

Weekend play will be 11am-5pm.

Mon – Thursday 6pm – 8pm. 

Finals will take place on Saturday 9th April between 12noon and 3pm

Events – men’s singles, ladies’ singles, men’s doubles, ladies’ doubles, mixed doubles

All matches will be first to 8 games, tie break at 7-7. Reverse draw in all events, everyone guaranteed 2 matches per event.

Fee – £2 per event, collected during the tournament

Rules – 1st team players are not able to play with each other. 

If you would like to play in a doubles event, but do not have a partner, please put partner required and we will endeavour to match you up.

Players will be expected to provide new or nearly new balls for their matches (up to finals). 

Availability – matches will be scheduled for you by the tournament director over the week of the event. We therefore ask that unless it is impossible for you to play on a particular day / evening eg work, you make yourself available for the whole period. 

If unavailability becomes an issue, you will be asked to scratch from the event.  

Entries close at 10am Saturday 26th March. Any questions, please contact Niall on 07955 361 525 or

Use the link below to sign up

Best wishes


January Update

Hi Oadby,  

We hope everyone is getting back into their tennis after Christmas/New Year despite the rather cold and misty conditions this week.  A few items for you, as below.


Many thanks to all those who have renewed their memberships for 2022. For those members who would like to take advantage of the early payment discount please remember that payment must be made by 31st January.

Membership fees and categories can be found on the link below:

Preferred payment is by bank transfer to:

Oadby Tennis Club

Sort: **-**-**

Account: ********

Please send an email to when payment has been made and you will receive a confirmation email when payment is seen in the club accounts.

If paying by cheque, then please post to the club along with a note with membership fee breakdown and I will send an email when I have received it.

Just a reminder to please consider a 100 Club ticket or two – it’s a chance to win some cash prizes during the year and helps raise money for the club and keep membership fees low.




Paul Heighton Towers is in need of volunteer help this Sunday (23rd) 1-3pm to help with some court maintenance work (putting sand on courts, clearing area at back of courts, hedge trimming). If anyone can help, please either email him on or text him on 07981 733465. Thank you. 


Can we please remind members again that only £1 coins should be used in any of the boxes to make payments. (A £5 note has recently jammed one of the boxes!). Visitors’ fees (£3 per non-member) can be paid by bank transfer, if preferred, using bank details as under Membership item above.


We have some used match balls available for purchase at £1 a can. Available in the clubhouse in cardboard box. Payment in the usual balls box, please.


We have recently received a survey regarding senior league tennis matches.

The Leicestershire Competitions Committee is keen to hear from as many tennis players as possible so please take a look/complete if you are a senior league player/potential league player.

The review covers playing format /structure of the leagues to enhance enjoyment of the leagues offered/consider the length of the matches in some cases. The Competitions Committee is also considering whether to eliminate undecided rubbers in the Winter League, Over 40s and Over 60s leagues with options offered as to how this could be achieved without making matches substantially longer. They are also considering the future of the Men’s Doubles Premier League.

The link is here :


We have accumulated a lot of lost property over the last year. It includes jackets, hoodies, gloves, hats/caps and racket covers – mainly juniors’ clothing items, but some adult clothing too. All is currently set out in the clubhouse on tables/in boxes and is listed below. Any items not collected by Saturday 29th January will be donated to charity.

Best wishes




Black, aged 11/12 Regatta

Black/grey, 11/12 Primark 11/12

Black Mondetta, medium junior,

Black/yellow Speedo, track suit top adult

Green, 3/4, Brigu

Black/white piping. Named Adith

Black/grey patterned, Lego wear, 7 yr

Denim 2/3


Navy, Tennis Leics, medium junior

Grey, H/M Basic, medium junior

Red, Under Armour, adult/large,

Black, Mountain Warehouse, Large

Black, Primark, 10/11

Navy, Chicago Bears, small girls

Black, DFND, 11/12

Black, Everlast, 9/10

Black/grey, George, small

Black, Terrex, adult

Navy, Nike, aged 7

Navy/orange, Head, junior


Black, Mango, 36″




Racquet covers – various  – including lots of junior ones

Adult – Head, Wilson bag

Drink  bottles – various

Hats/caps various

Oscar Jacobson


North Face

St Etienne woolly hat

Grey beanie

Wrist bands – Neo G

Gloves – various

Scarves – Yellow, turquoise.

Oadby (Granville) Tennis & Social Club  

December Newsletter

I hope you are all keeping well.

With the end of the year fast approaching I thought I would update you with a few things we are working on around the club.


The membership form for 2022 is now available to download on the website.

We have compared our membership fees with surrounding clubs to ensure we are still offering good value to members, which I am pleased to report that we are. However, we have made a couple of changes that are listed below:

  1. Removed the entrance fee for new members.
  2. Extended the Intermediate membership age to 29 and renamed the category Young Adult.
  3. Increased the discount to £50 for Helper members and reduced the number of hours required to 8 from 9.
  4. Renamed Daytime Membership to Weekday Off Peak.
  5. Members don’t need to opt into accepting the Rules of the Club as by re-joining or joining they are deemed to have accepted being bound by the rules. The rules have been updated and are available to view on the Club’s website and we suggest all members take time to review them.

As a result of our good financial position and high membership numbers we are increasing the discount for early payment to 20% (it was 15%) if payment is made prior to 31st January. Members who pay after the 31st January will be asked to pay our normal rates which we have maintained at last year’s levels. The membership form can be viewed on this link

Subscriptions are due from 1st January. Our preferred payment method for security reasons is by bank transfer. Please email when you have made payment with the following information if you are paying by bank transfer:




100 Club tickets:

Total paid:

Please transfer to:

Oadby Tennis Club

Sort: **-**-**

Acc: ********

If you wish to pay by Cheque please send it to the Club or post through the letter box for the attention of the Membership Secretary.

You will get a confirmation email when payment/cheque has been received. 

If you have any questions please email and Gary will try to help with anything you might need.


Those of you that have been to the club in the last few weeks will have seen that we have had the fence and new gates installed. This will certainly help to make the grounds more enclosed and provide a more secure environment for everyone to play in.

The access code needed is *****

Just to remind you again that the gates are self-closing and so you don’t need to pull them closed behind you.

Whilst we have made some good progress we still do have some work to do. We are waiting on an electrician to fit a light above the gate to provide better lighting in this area and there are also some other finishing touches such as re-marking the car park. Once everything has been finished I will email out again and confirm preferred entry/exit points so everyone knows exactly where we are.

In regards to the courts we have some sand bagged and ready to be put on courts 4,5 & 6, which should hopefully go on in the next couple of weeks. We are also working to prevent the moss patches reappaearing as it was quite a job to remove these last year. 

As always if there is anything around the club that you have any issues with or if you want to make any suggestions for improvements then please do get in touch.

 A special mention to Paul & Derek who give up an awful lot of their time to keep things neat and tidy around the club, this is much appreciated by all of us.


2021 has been a very challenging year for all of us, starting off badly with a full lockdown and continuing with not having the club house open until mid July and even then with certain restrictions in place.

I am sure you have all seen the news and there continues to be a great deal of uncertainty moving forward as to whether restrictions will be put back in place after Christmas. Please be assured that we will continue to follow guidance from the LTA and will do everything we can to keep you informed of any changes that might need to be made around the club to keep us all playing in the safest way possible.

I don’t want to finish the last update of 2021 on a negative note! This year has been tough but with record membership, improved facilities and managing to celebrate our 75th anniversary in style we have all done the best we can to make the best of a less than ideal situation. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our members (record number of members!) for their understanding and patience throughout the year. We have a great club and great members and I hope you continue to enjoy your tennis at Oadby in 2022.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Oadby (Granville) Tennis & Social Club

AGM Agenda & Committee Nominations Form

Oadby (Granville) Tennis and Social Club

75th Annual General Meeting

Date : Wednesday 27th October 2021 at 7.30 p.m.

Venue : By Zoom (link has been emailed out)


  1. Chairman’s Welcome
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Acceptance of the Minutes of the 2020 AGM
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes
  5. Chairman’s Report
  6. Committee Reports
  7. Acceptance of Accounts
  8. Election of committee for 2021/2022
  9. Any other business

Committee Nominations Form

October Newsletter


Many thanks to everyone who came along to support our 75th anniversary celebrations. It was lovely to see the club so busy and to welcome back some familiar faces to club.

Over the weekend we had over 250 people visit the club, starting with our junior pizza & tennis night on the Friday followed by our BBQ and afternoon tea at the weekend.

 Thank you so much to all of you who kindly gave up your time and who helped to make the weekend so special. It has really been a tough couple of years for everyone but events like this are a reminder of what a great club and members we have.

 We are going to leave the 75th anniversary display up on the club house so please do pop in if you can do have a look at this, it is really interesting to see how far the club has come over the years.


As mentioned previously, the club’s AGM will take place on Wednesday 27th October at 7.30pm. We have again decided to hold the meeting by Zoom like we did last year following the request of a number of members who have expressed concern about a large number of people meeting in quite a confined space. I think, under the circumstances, this is quite understandable and so we will of course send out a link and instructions as to how to join nearer the time.

 The AGM is a great opportunity for members to express their views and help us move the club forward. If you do have time it would be great if you could attend (virtually!) – it would be great to have your input.

The agenda, accounts and committee nomination sheet will be on display in the foyer at the club from tomorrow. A copy of the accounts is attached and other AGM documentation will follow (Clubspark only allows one attachment at a time unfortunately).  

 Please note that at this year’s AGM we will not be asking for team captain nominations as there will be a review of teams for 2022 in January. 

Nominations can be emailed to or completed on the sheet in the foyer. Please do nominate and please do get in touch if you would like to get involved in helping at the club.

Any questions which members wish to raise at the AGM should be submitted (email as above) by Friday 22nd  October 8pm please.


Many thanks to the 75 players who entered this year’s tournament. We had some great weather and some brilliant tennis and thanks to those that came down to support. It was really nice to see lots of new members entering the tournament this year and I hope you all enjoyed your matches and made some new friends at the club.

2021 Main Draw Winners

Men’s Singles                                   Ben M

Ladies’ Singles                                   Chloe B

Men’s Doubles                                  Ben M & Jack M

Ladies’ Doubles                                 Rosie O’C-M & Lauren P

Mixed Doubles                                  Victoria A & Hussein K

Men’s 40+                                          Chris W

Men’s 40+ Doubles                          Chris W & Dean Z

Ladies 40+ Doubles                          Katie E & Sheila C

Mixed 40+ Doubles                          Louise M & Gary van der B

2021 Reverse Draw Winners

Men’s Singles                                    Alex B

Men’s Doubles                                  Paul F & Mike M

Ladies’ Doubles                                 Jenni L & Jackie R

Mixed Doubles                                  Kylie S & Alex B

Men’s 40+                                          Divy L

Men’s 40+ Doubles                           Steve P & Divy L

Mixed 40+ Doubles                          Sue P & Ravi J


We have now reached the time of year where the flood lights will be used a lot more. Please take this as a polite reminder to all members that the floodlights should be paid for when playing in fixed fours and for personal court bookings.

Just a reminder also, that if you are playing at 6pm and the lights are already on ‘free’ because they have been used for junior coaching, please put your money in the box as usual, but then turn off the lights when you leave unless someone has arrived to play on the court after you. 9.30 pm is the deadline for all lights to be switched off when you leave, either by your money running out or being switched off manually. For social mix ins the lights can be switched on to ‘FREE’ but must always be switched off when play finishes, please. 

We are very lucky to have such cheap facilities and the price to use our lights is really minimal when compared to other clubs, let’s all please respect this and pay when required.

John Vernon

We have recently received the sad news that past member John Vernon has died. John was a member of the club for many years, as were his family. He was a regular bar helper and keen player in both social and team tennis. Our thoughts are with family and friends at this sad time.


Social Mix Ins – Monday & Wednesday evenings each week from 6pm.

I am so pleased to see these getting busier each week and thanks so much to the members who have kindly offered to open the bar afterwards. Please do come down as it is a great way of meeting new people and enjoying some social tennis.

November and December Speed Tennis – details with exact details will be emailed out by Gary nearer the time but these will be held on a Saturday and start at 4pm.

 Wednesday November 3rd  and December 1st American Tournament – please sign up in the foyer or by emailing Open to all full seniors. £1 to enter and no partner needed. A good way for some fun tournament doubles. Bar open afterwards and food can be organised.  The last two of these have been a great success and have been completely full!


Following positive feedback from last winter’s and this summer’s events, the club is proposing further singles box leagues to run up to 31st December.

Entries are welcomed from all members, beginners to those with high experience. Every effort will be made to place you in an appropriate league. Leagues will comprise a mixture of men and ladies (and juniors capable of competing at adult level).

One set only to 8 games, standard tie break at 7 all – usually an hour’s booking is sufficient. Precise scores are not recorded, we only need know who won the set (the winner is awarded 3 points in his/her league) and a further point is awarded to both players as an incentive to completing as many matches as possible.

Entries to Neil P by Wednesday 20th October. Please indicate your playing experience if not known to organisers Neil (P) and Joe (G).

Any queries, telephone 07447 829700

This is a perfect way of meeting and playing against different club members. Thanks to Neil and Joe for organising this once again.


I hope that gives you a quick overview of what has been happening at the club and what we have got coming up soon.

I would again like to thank everyone in continuing to support the club and I look forward to seeing you soon.




August Newsletter & Constitution


The Closed County Championships were held last week and it was a very successful tournament for Oadby members. Special mention must go to Matt H who won the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles which we think is a first for the club. Full results are below:

Men’s Singles Winner : Matt H
Men’s Doubles Winners  : Matt H and Oli B (LFE)Men’s 45+ Singles Winner: Gordon A

Mixed Doubles Plate Winners: Gordon & Emily A

Men’s Singles Plate Winner: Dylan S

Ladies’ Doubles Handicap Plate Winners: Yvonne R and Harriet P

Ladies’ Doubles Finalist: Lilia B and partner

Ladies’ Doubles 40+ Finalists: Jenny H & Kate W

Men’s 35+ Singles Finalist: Dan P

Ladies’ Doubles Plate Finalists: Jess B & Kate W

Ladies’ Singles Handicap Finalist: Yvonne R

Men’s Singles Plate Finalist: Philip W

Mixed Doubles Handicap Finalists: Jenny H & Philip W

Ladies’ Doubles Handicap Plate Finalists: Louise M & Jackie R

The club has always had a good entry at the tournament but this year’s results must be the best ever across both the level and handicap events. Congratulations to all and a big thanks to all those who came down to watch and support.


As you are all aware we have been working on updating the club’s constitution. This is quite a long document which has needed updating for some time, but finally we are at a point where we can start to move forward.

1) Current constitution
2) Amended constitution
3) Suggested amendment notes

As this document forms the basis of the club we wanted to invite members to have the opportunity to contribute/offer suggestions for possible changes.

These documents will remain on the website until Friday 20th August and so please send in anything you want to suggest to by this time. At that point the committee will then look over everything we have received, agree any changes and then this will be sent to be checked from a legal point of view to make sure that everything is correct.

Once this is completed an EGM will be called where the new constitution can be either accepted or rejected by the members.

As mentioned by Gary in an email earlier this week, fobs are now available to replace swipe cards and can be collected from the clubhouse. Any problems or requests for fobs, please email

We are in the process of finalising dates/arrangements for this and will be in touch ASAP with details.

FRIDAY EVENINGS 13th/20th August
Just to mention that as there is no junior coaching for the next two Fridays so courts are free for booking up to 9.30pm.


Following our email on Monday about the very sad passing of Dave Monk, just to let members know that the funeral will be held on Thursday 19th August 12.30pm at Great Glen Crematorium.

Best Wishes OGTC