Club & Covid update.

Further to yesterday’s announcement to release Oadby & Wigston from lockdown I am pleased to say that the club can now welcome back all members to play who live outside of the Borough with effect from Saturday 1st August.

As always, to ensure safe play for all of our members I would ask that everyone follows the Rules for Safe Play, which are listed at the bottom of this email. Whilst it is great for us all to be back on court it is imperative that we all do this in a safe manner and if you have any concerns over anything at the club then please do let me know.

From the beginning of the lockdown we have always followed LTA guidelines and we intend to do this moving forward as well. We are now in a position where we can begin to look at opening up the club house and possibly to re introduce mix ins but before this can happen as a club we must complete strict risk assessments to ensure that this can be done safely. We will endeavour to complete these over the next 1-2 weeks and I will update you as to our progress with this. Many thanks for your patience, it has been a very frustrating time for everyone but I am sure you will all appreciate the health and safety of our members is the number one priority.


· Both singles and doubles play will now be allowed with players from different households.
· Booking slots – for the time being these will continue to be available for 1 hour slots with each member having an allocation of 3 bookings per week. These will continue to run for 55 minutes with your session finishing on time, ensuring there is no cross over between bookings. If playing on clay please also consider time will be needed for you to sweep the courts. We will monitor the length of booking slots and will possibly increase this back to 2 hours over the coming weeks if possible.
· Social distancing – nothing has changed in this respect. Continue to observe a minimum distance of 2 meters and please leave the club promptly after you have finished playing. This is certainly more important now as there will be a lot more people arriving/leaving the club.
· Hygiene – Please make sure you have washed/sanitised your hands before you arrive at the club and after play. Please also consider wearing a glove when sweeping the clay courts or at least sanitising your hands immediately after sweeping.
· Symptoms – all of the original guidelines still stand. If you or any member of your household have shown any symptoms of Covid-19 or believe you may have been in contact with someone who has then please do not come to the club.
· Club House – the club house will remain closed apart from access to the toilets, which has to be used strictly with one person only entering the changing rooms at any time. There will be a cone placed in the reception area, if you do enter the changing rooms can you please block off the entrance using the cone as an indicator that the changing rooms are in use. Once you have finished, please place the cone back out of the way of the door.
· Members Only – we will continue for the time being to restrict play to members only.

Lastly, just to mention that if you use your LTA log in to access Clubspark, this will not be available from 6am on Sunday until 11am on Monday. So if you are booking courts and want to use that log in, please do so before/after those time slots. The LTA website might also not be available during this time.

Best wishes and stay safe