LTA Guidance on Tennis Activity from 17 May

As we move forward into the next stages of the government relaxation of lockdown rules, please follow the link below to see the updated guidance provided by the LTA in regards to tennis activity with effect from the 17th May 2021:—permitted-tennis-activity.pdf


  • Most importantly, care should always be taken to follow social distancing and government guidance in relation to the prevention of the spread of Covid-19.
  • Social Mix Ins will now resume. Please note that mix ins are now available on Tuesday & Thursday mornings along with Monday & Wednesday (courts permitting) evenings. Please note that we will assess the take up for these sessions and will book an appropriate number of courts in line with the number of people who are attending. For information on attending mix ins please message Martin on 07968 913910.
  • We will now open the club house for limited use. Current arrangements will be relaxed for specific access to the kitchen and bar for drinks, etc. but to be served outside only. Access will only for be for 1 to 2 persons please and will be controlled by a engaged/ not engaged sign on the clubhouse door. Anybody using the kitchen/ bar is asked to clean any areas used before and after use. In addition, a mask should be worn when inside the clubhouse. Please return any glasses, mugs etc to the kitchen and wash after use. Bottles/cans should all be returned for our usual recycling. 
  • Toilets will of course remain open. Changing facilities and showers continue to be closed.
  • Spectating of matches is now permitted with a maximum capacity of 4,000 (I think we should be ok for this!). All spectating must be outside of the club house and social distancing should be followed at all times.
  • The one way system remains in place. Please do not stand to spectate behind courts 1-3 as previously advised.

Whilst it is really nice to be moving into the next stages of returning to normality I would again stress the importance of making every effort to keep each other safe at all times. Please follow the guidelines that have been sent to you on a number of occasions and if you do have any concerns at all then please contact me immediately.


We recently held a virtual committee meeting via Zoom. The majority of this meeting did revolve around the upcoming full opening of the club house (hopefully in June) but we did also discuss a number of other matters.


Paul/Derek have continued to work hard to keep everything in good order. A special mention also to Yvonne and Gordan S who have contributed with the lovely flowers we now have.

We will soon arrange a working party for those of you that have helper hours to do. We will wait until full restrictions are lifted before this happens.

We have continued to look at quotes for the security fence and are awaiting further quotes for the gates to accompany these. Further updates will follow soon.


A number of the committee have now made draft amendments to the constitution. Once these have been typed and re checked they will then move to the next legal stage of checking these over. This is a time consuming job but we are getting there.

Club Tournament

We are approaching the time where we need to start thinking about organising the club tournament. Due to lockdown we ran this differently last year with events having to be played by certain dates rather than on particular days. A few suggestions have been made but I will arrange to send out a survey to members to see what most would prefer to do. If anyone would like to help organise the tournament, please get in touch.


Gary updated the committee with our current membership numbers, which are approaching 400 and are looking particularly healthy especially for this time of year. Many thanks to Gary for his hard work on this as this year in particular has seen a lot more admin than usual.

75th Anniversary

I have mentioned before that it is the clubs 75th anniversary this year. Whilst it has been a really difficult time we are really keen to try to celebrate this as best as we can and are planning a couple of events later in the Summer (possibly a tea party, BBQ etc depending on restrictions). If you have any ideas or would like to be involved in helping then please let me know.

Team Tennis

Team matches have returned and we have had a large number of both senior and junior members involved. Good luck to everyone that has or will be representing Oadby and thanks to Niall and George for their hard work in scheduling the fixtures.

I hope this gives you an overview of where we are at with things at the club. We always welcome feedback and suggestions so please get in touch with us if there is anything you would like to raise.

Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all enjoying your tennis at the club.