New Consitution

Members will be aware that the OGTC committee produced an amended version of the club’s Constitution during 2021 for approval prior to organising an EGM. 

Following feedback and a further detailed review, a committee sub group has recommended that a new Constitution would be more appropriate than a update of the current one. As a result, the sub group has produced a new draft Constitution which has been approved by the full committee and which we are now sharing with members. 

The reasons for this new Constitution are as follows : 

1. It is written in clearer and simpler language than the current Constitution.

2. It brings the Constitution in line with the 2006 Companies Act.

3. It has a clearer definition of who is eligible to vote than the current Constitution

4. It has clear procedures and reasons for refusing or removing membership.

5. It limits the Committee’s  powers of spending without the consent of the Members.

6. It limits the Committee’s  powers of taking out loans without the consent of the Members.

7. It limits Committee powers to offer Life Membership

An Extraordinary General Meeting to adopt this new Constitution will be held on Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm in the clubhouse. A formal notification of the EGM  together with the resolution to adopt the new Constitution will follow within the required notice period. 

For information, the resolution will require a 75% vote in favour to be passed.

A link to the proposed new Constitution is here :

For comparison, the current Constitution can be found here:

Both are also available to view at :

Copies of the proposed new Constitution/current Constitution will  also be on display on the club’s noticeboard. 

If you have any questions/comments regarding this proposed new Constitution please email them/send them to us by Friday 1st April 2022. Proxy voting forms will be sent out after that date for any members unable to attend the EGM. Please note that all senior members are entitled to one vote.

Best wishes

Sue Lester 


On behalf of OGTC Committee 

Oadby (Granville) Tennis & Social Club