Planned Reopening Mon 29 March

Further to my email last week and following on from last nights virtual committee meeting, I am delighted to say that the club will be re-opening on Monday 29th March. Please follow the link below which provides an update from the LTA in regards to what play is permitted from this date:—permitted-tennis-activity.pdf

Whilst we are all of course delighted to have a date back for playing, it is vitally important that we all continue to take sensible measures when playing at the club.

Below is an updated list of conditions that must be followed at all times to ensure safe play:

  • Social play for both singles and doubles is permitted with effect from Monday 29th March 2021 and must follow the Rule of 6.
  • Please do not visit the club at any point before this date. Only members of the committee undertaking maintenance work in preparation for the club re-opening are allowed on the premises.
  • Coaching is permitted with effect from Monday 29th March 2021 for individual, adult and junior sessions. Adult coaching must not exceed 12 adults per court and junior coaching must be restricted to a maximum group size of 15.
  • All play is subject to any travel restrictions into or out of the area that may be in place. Please ensure there are no restrictions in place that would prevent you travelling to the club.
  • Playing at the club can only be done by booking a court through Clubspark. Further information on booking courts will be covered later in this email along with membership.
  • On arrival please only enter by the patio or grass area where social distancing of 2 metres can be maintained.
  • When leaving please leave by the passageway between the building and the courts. Please do not stand at any time in the passageway, this will ensure we can have a safe flow around the club.
  • We would ask members to use the NHS covid-19 test and trace app by checking in on the QR code displayed on the clubhouse window.
  • Please finish playing 5 minutes before your actual finish time to ensure there is no cross over between bookings. If playing on clay, please also consider that time will be needed for you to sweep the courts. 
  • Please do not enter any court until it is clear and available to be used.
  • Social distancing – nothing has changed in this respect. Continue to observe a minimum distance of 2 metres and please leave the club promptly after you have finished playing.
  • Please make sure you have washed/sanitised your hands before you arrive at the club and after play. Please also consider wearing a glove when sweeping the clay courts or at least sanitising your hands immediately after sweeping.
  • Please notify the committee through and/or contact a committee member immediately if you have a positive coronavirus test following play at the club.
  • Follow government guidelines/rules on the government website when you show any symptoms of covid-19 or if you test positive for covid-19.  
  • The club house will remain closed apart from access to the toilets, which has to be used strictly with one person only entering the changing rooms at any time. There will be a cone placed in the reception area, so if you do enter the changing rooms can you please block off the entrance using the cone as an indicator that the changing rooms are in use. Once you have finished, please place the cone back out of the way of the door. Showers must not be used for the time being. 
  • We will continue for the time being to restrict play to members only.

I would again stress that these conditions must be followed at all times. It is all of our responsibilities to make the club as safe as possible but if anyone does have any particular concerns then please do let me know.

2021 Membership Form

As part of the meeting we also discussed this years membership, which has been particularly difficult to administer with us being in lockdown during the renewal period.

We have now calculated the annual fees, which will of course reflect all of the time that the club has not been available for play. Gary will email all of the details out in the next couple of days and will provide you with all the information you need in regards to booking courts and allocations. I would ask everyone to keep an eye out for this email and respond with membership renewals as soon as possible.


Whilst last nights meeting was mainly about the re-opening of the club, members of the committee also gave some updates on other things that have been going on during lockdown.

I am pleased to say the post pad protectors have been ordered and hopefully should be in place by the time you are all back on court. Paul has also treated all of the moss patches on the court, which is now dying down and we are starting to see a difference. I am going to meet Paul at the weekend to help with further cleaning of the courts and to fix some of the fencing at the back of courts 1-3 which needs some attention.

You will also notice further signage has been put up at the club to help with the one way system. Thanks again to Paul and Derek for organising this and to Mike Minski for helping with the design work for the signs.

In regards to the proposed fencing that was discussed at the AGM, we have now received quotations for this and are looking over these for consideration. These will of course be shared with all members before any decision is made to proceed, however we do need to give this serious thought from a financial point of view as the clubs income will be reduced considerably this year due to the reduction in membership fees.

In regards to team tennis we are waiting for further information from the competitions committee as to how/when leagues might possibly run this year. Niall (Seniors) & George (Juniors) are waiting for an update and will inform everyone that wants to get involved with playing team tennis once we know more.

Alex, along with the rest of the committee, has been working on updating the clubs constitution as advised at the AGM. Many thanks to Alex as this has been a very time consuming job but I am pleased to say we are making progress and I will keep you informed with the progress of this as we move along.

I hope that provides you with an update of where we are. We are now only a few weeks away and will be busy making sure that everything is ready for you when we are able to get back on court. It has been a tough year and your ongoing support of the club is really much appreciated, we look forward to seeing you all back soon!

Best wishes