The aim of these rules is to ensure that the Club is a safe, pleasant, and welcoming place for everyone.
These regulations are enacted and enforced by the Club’s Committee and may be changed at any Committee meeting. Club members are encouraged to suggest changes to the Club rules as needed, which will then be discussed by the committee at the next committee meeting. A copy of the rules will be available on the Club’s website and clubhouse notice board.
The Club is affiliated to the LTA and the rules of the LTA shall also apply.
By joining the Club, all Members agree to be bound by, observe, and comply with the Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Club which are published on the Club website. Failure to follow these rules or the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Club’s disciplinary policy.

  1. Membership:
    1. Membership Is open to all irrespective of race, religion, belief, colour, ability or gender orientation.
  2. Categories of Membership:
    1. The categories of Membership are divided as the Committee shall from time to time determine. Details of the current Categories, their terms and privileges are available on the club website or from the Membership secretary.
    2. The Subscription fees payable shall be determined from time to time by the Committee.
    3. Subscriptions become due by January 31st and after the 28th February members whose subscriptions are in arrears shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club.
  3. Use of Courts:
    1. All the Club’s match fixtures, re-scheduled matches, tournaments, men’s match practice, ladies’ match practice, social play, coaching programmes, tennis camps and social events will be posted on the Club’s website and/or social media.
    2. Before playing, members must decide whether courts are safe to use. The Committee may suspend or prohibit play if court/s are deemed unfit. Members must brush the artificial clay courts after use to maintain them (when weather conditions allow).
    3. After play floodlights should be switched off, nets wound down, courts swept (if appropriate) and gates to the court closed.
    4. Members can book courts using court booking software registered to the Club. If the Committee is of the opinion that a member is abusing the booking system, the right to make bookings may be suspended for a time as deemed fit by the Committee.
    5. Courts may be booked for Match practices, Tournaments, Inter Club matches, social play and Juniors as deemed appropriate by the committee to meet the demand of the membership. Court use is available to view on the club website.
    6. Courts for coaching will be booked in advance by the club coaches.
    7. No ball games other than tennis are to played on the courts unless sanctioned by a coach or committee member.
    8. Courts may only be used from 8am until 9.30pm on Weekdays and 9am until 9.30pm on Weekends unless authorised by the Committee.
  4. Social Play:
    1. Courts will be booked by the committee for social play at various times during the week in accordance with the level of demand from members. Doubles takes preference over singles and, if people are waiting to play, those on court should play for no longer than one set or 8 games to give others a chance to play.
  5. Team Play:
    1. Sufficient teams will be entered by the club to meet the demand from the membership for team tennis.
    2. Any club member interested in playing team tennis should make it known to the team captains or club coach.
    3. Match practices will take place prior to the match season starting where any member interested in playing team tennis can attend.
    4. Team Captains will be responsible for the selection of teams in consultation with club coaches.
    5. Juniors may play in adult teams on the recommendation of the club coaches.
    6. Club members representing OGTC will do so in an appropriate manner. Members not representing the club appropriately may be removed from team tennis by the committee.
    7. Where two teams are playing on the same night the higher ranked team gets first choice of court surface. e.g. Ladies 1st team would get first choice of surface over Men’s 2nd team.
      h) Club captains are responsible for paying match subs and ensuring results are entered correctly in a timely manner.
  6. Damage, Injury and Loss:
    1. Neither the Club nor any Committee Member can be held liable for any damage, injury or loss caused by any act or omission of a Club Member.
    2. Members must accept responsibility for their own safety.
  7. Dress:
    1. On the courts all members must wear appropriate sportswear and non-marking trainers.
    2. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  8. Behaviour:
    1. Club Members and their visitors shall at all times be respectful towards other members and visitors, particularly when in the presence of Juniors.
    2. Persistent audible obscenities, swearing, abuse, threats, harassment or misconduct of any kind, including via social media or email, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
    3. Members should follow the Code of Conduct and all other club policies as published on the club website.
  9. Tennis Balls:
    1. Tennis balls will be available for purchase from the clubhouse.
  10. Junior Members:
    1. Juniors have priority use of the courts on Fridays from 4pm for coaching and for Junior social play.
    2. Juniors may join in with adult social play on the recommendation of the Club Coaches. These Juniors may also join in with men’s and ladies’ match practice and play for the adult teams.
    3. Parents/Carers must supervise Junior members under 12, outside of coaching sessions, and see their children behave correctly and safely on the Club premises. We recommend that parents/guardians know where their children are at all time.
  11. Visitors:
    1. Members may bring visitors to play at the club and should pay the guest fee of £3.
    2. No visitor may be the guest more than four times in a 12 month period.
    3. It is the responsibility of the Club Member to ensure that their visitors are aware of the Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Club and to pay the guest fee.
  12. Clubhouse:
    1. Members can apply for a fob/access card on payment of a £5 refundable deposit on return of the card which will give access to the Clubhouse.
    2. Furniture, crockery, glasses etc must be left clean and tidy after use. The last users of the premises must see that the Clubhouse is properly secured.
    3. No ball games, with the exception of table tennis, are to be played in the clubhouse.
    4. The committee may suspend or remove clubhouse access rights to members who are deemed to have abused access.
    5. Unless authorised by the Committe, the Clubhouse may only be used from 8am until 10.55pm and Club Premises must be vacated by 11pm.
  13. Bar:
    1. Bar prices are set by the committee, are on display in the clubhouse and reviewed from time to time at the discretion of the committee.
    2. Bar Keys are available to members via a key safe in the clubhouse. The member who opens the bar is responsible for correct payments being made, ensuring the cash box is returned to the bar store, all fridges/bar doors are secured and the key returned to the key safe after use.
    3. No-one under 18 is allowed behind the Bar.
    4. Under the terms of the Club’s Premises Certificate, alcohol serving hours are
      • Monday – Saturday 11am to 11pm
      • Sunday Noon to 10.30pm
    5. Visitors may be served alcohol if attending a tennis related event or an organised social function.
  14. Floodlights:
    1. Floodlights may be used when required and must be paid for using the cash boxes provided and by using £1 coins only.
    2. Floodlights must be turned off by 9.30pm unless special permission has been granted by the committee.
    3. At social sessions club tournaments and matches the floodlights will be provided free of charge.
  15. Pushchairs and Bikes:
    1. These are not permitted on the courts.
  16. Animals:
    1. No animals or pets are permitted in the Clubhouse except for guide or care dogs.
    2. Pets brought to the Club must be kept under control at all times. Dogs must be on a lead.
    3. In the event of any concerns for the safety or wellbeing of any person, the Committee reserves the right to require the Member or Visitor to remove their pet from the premises.
  17. Parking:
    1. Members should park safely and with consideration for other members and neighbours abiding by a speed limit of 5mph.
    2. The club cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by members using the car park.
  18. Data Protection:
    1. The information provided to the Club on the membership application form will be kept securely and protected by the Data Protection act.
    2. Member’s data will only be used to communicate with members on matters relating to the Club and relevant Club activities.
    3. Member’s data will never be provided to a third party, but may on request, be provided to other adult members for the purposes of Club business.
  19. Resignation:
    1. Any member may resign their membership by giving notice in writing to the Membership Secretary to that effect.
    2. There will be no refund of subscriptions paid unless, in the view of the Committe there are exceptional circumstances.
  20. Junior Safeguarding:
    1. The Club should be a safe place for children at all times.
    2. The club will appoint a safeguarding officer who is suitably trained in line with safeguarding guidelines as set out by the LTA.
  21. Smoking:
    1. Smoking is not permitted on the Club’s premises.
  22. Suspension from the Club:
    1. If at any time the Committee is of the opinion that a member has contravened any of the rules of the Club in line with the Club constitution it may take disciplinary action against that member such as suspension from the Club for a period of time and/ or termination of membership.
  23. Leaflets:
    1. No leaflets may be put up on Club noticeboards or premises without the consent of the Committee.
  24. Changing Rooms:
    1. The use of Mobile phones or any type of recording device is strictly prohibited within changing rooms. For full policy please see
  25. Closure of Premises:
    1. The committee may close the premises to members in extraordinary circumstances, for example following LTA or local and/or national government guidance.
  26. Interpretation of Rules:
    1. The committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and the decision of the committee shall be final and binding on all members.
  • Updated 27 April 2022 – added to rule 16.2 “Dogs must be kept on a lead”