Spring Tournament 28 Mar – 4 Apr, submit your entry by 20 March

The annual spring tournament will, as you know, take place from the 28th March -4th April.

As usual, there will be ladies singles and doubles, men’s singles and doubles and mixed doubles events. For doubles events you are at liberty to pick your partner so long as the total value of points of the pairing is not less than 5. Your individual points is based upon the team that you played for last season. If you did not play for a team you will automatically be a 5 (unless advised otherwise by Ben or Zaheed) meaning you and 4th team players can partner anyone.

This year the tournament is open to all club members, yes including day members and invited juniors. It would be great to have as many people enter as possible as it is a great chance to meet with players you may not normally play with, test your skills and blow away the winter cobwebs.

Submit this APPLICATION FORM by the 20th March. Further rules and information can be found on the form, but should you have any questions please email them to me: adrianrfpawsey@gmail.com

I hope the weather will be somewhat warmer and drier for the tournament than it has been of late!

Kind Regards
Adrian Pawsey