The Club & Coronavirus

I just wanted to send a quick email to update everyone following the updated advice from the government and Public Health England.

With the situation being so serious it is important that we do everything we can to support each other and to protect the health of our members. With this in mind I would ask everyone to note the following:

1) The main club house room will not be open for members or parents to use, only the toilets and changing room areas will be open.
2) All members are requested to wash their hands both before and after playing tennis.
3) Players are asked to avoid handshakes, hugs, high 5’s etc and are to maintain a sensible personal distance at all times (2-3 metres is recommended)
4) Unless we receive advice from the LTA to the contrary all tennis courts will remain open.
5) Hygiene and cleaning will be stepped up to ensure all surfaces are cleaned regularly, in particular all hard surfaces, door handles etc.
6) Coaching will continue as normal for the time being but will be reviewed if/when schools are closed or if we receive advice from the LTA in regards to this.

In addition to the above, please note that the following events have, unfortunately, had to be postponed:

· Wimbledon Ballot (on 4th April). New date to be arranged if needed.
· Opening Season Tournament
· Junior Quorn Cup
· Helper Session – 21st March

It is essential that anybody with suspected signs of or direct contact with Covid 19 should not attend the club and should self-isolate.

Best wishes to everyone and please stay safe.