Tier 4 Rules of Play from 31/12/2020

Following confirmation today that Leicester and Leicestershire have both been placed in Tier 4 restrictions, please find a link below to an update provided by the LTA along with a summary grid which outlines what play is allowed at the club.

Link:  www.lta.org.uk/globalassets/news/2020/local-restrictions-grid—tennis-activity-by-tier.pdf?category=Playing_Tennis_COVID19_Guidance

Here is a brief summary of what is allowed along with our rules for safe play at the club:


  • Social play is now restricted to singles only (other than those from the same household/bubble) with effect from Thursday 31st December 2020.
  • Individual coaching sessions are allowed but travel restrictions into and out of the area apply (e.g. No one from tier 3 would be allowed to travel in to tier 4 for coaching)
  • Group Adult coaching is no longer permitted with effect from Thursday 31st December 2020.  Junior coaching is allowed but must be restricted to a maximum group size of 15 and with a maximum of one parent/guardian being in attendance.
  • All play is subject to travel restrictions into or out of the area.
  • Playing at the club can only be done by booking a court through ClubSpark.
  • All existing court bookings will stay in place up until the 11th January 2020 on Clubspark but must only be used for singles play as defined above. Please cancel any court bookings no longer required and/or amend bookings to one hour if two hours are no longer required.
  • On arrival please only enter by the patio or grass area where social distancing of 2 metres can be maintained.
  • When leaving, please leave by the passageway between the building and the courts. Please do not stand at any time in the passageway, this will ensure we can have a safe flow around the club.
  • We would ask members to use the NHS covid-19 test and trace app by checking in on the QR code displayed on the clubhouse window.
  • From the 11th January 2021 bookings will be available for 1 hour slots with each member having an allocation of 3 bookings per week. These will continue to run for 55 minutes to ensure there is no cross over between bookings. If playing on clay, please also consider time will be needed for you to sweep the courts.
  • Social distancing – nothing has changed in this respect. Continue to observe a minimum distance of 2 meters and please leave the club promptly after you have finished playing.
  • Please make sure you have washed/sanitised your hands before you arrive at the club and after play. Please also consider wearing a glove when sweeping the clay courts or at least sanitising your hands before and after sweeping.
  • If you or any member of your household have shown any symptoms of Covid-19 or believe you may have been in contact with someone who has then please do not come to the club.
  • The club house will remain closed apart from access to the toilets, which has to be used strictly with one person only entering the changing rooms at any time. There will be a cone placed in the reception area, if you do enter the changing rooms can you please block off the entrance using the cone as an indicator that the changing rooms are in use. Once you have finished, please place the cone back out of the way of the door.
  • All play is restricted to members only.

I know for a lot of people this news will be upsetting as getting out, keeping fit and seeing our friends has really helped us during this horrible year and difficult time over the Christmas period. With infection rates dramatically increasing it is absolutely essential that we all play our part and follow the above rules as we all have a responsibility to help each other to keep each other safe. If anyone is unsure about any of the above or would like to raise any points in regards to this then please do contact me.

George will email out to parents separately in regards to junior coaching but I would again remind all parents to follow the one way system and to correctly social distance as detailed above. We have witnessed a number of parents not following these rules and it is not acceptable to put other people’s health at risk by not doing so. Quite simply if these are not adhered to we will have no option but to cancel junior coaching.

Please be careful, stay safe and well.

Best wishes